Leading-Edge Technology to
Fight High Energy Costs!

Now, you can get two levels of cooling performance with the YORK Stealth Series, featuring the industry's first Twin Single Compressor.

This revolutionary T-S technology allows operation at one level for those "maximum load" situations, and another for less demanding cooling situations.

But what makes T-S operation so remarkable isn't the compressor itself. It's in the way it's controlled, with the exclusive YORK Comfort Enhancer Control - a microcomputer that flawlessly regulates first and second stage operation, sensing the need for maximum cooling and moving the system immediately into "high gear", eliminating the frequent cycling that occurs with other systems.

Over the years, a YORK Stealth Series System could actually pay for itself. Delivering up to 60% savings in operating costs! A stealth unit can reach to 16.2 SEER, which is more than double the efficiency of older units.

Your new YORK Stealth Series unit is built for years of trouble-free service. But to set your mind completely at ease, we offer complete buyer protection, with outstanding limited warranties. The Twin-Single Compressor has a 10-Year Limited Warranty from date of installation.

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